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A decade ago, when vVolve was founded as a boutique Management Consulting startup, our focus was predominantly on SAP, the Enterprise Application Software market leader. Over these ten years, we have accumulated significant expertise and experience supporting our customers with innovative solutions using SAP. We have helped several customers to benefit from SAP’s proven software solutions. Here’s a glimpse of our journey with SAP thus far: 2014 – provided support augmentation for Finance and Database. Two years later, we specialized in Budgeting and Financial Consolidation and Business Warehouse System Upgrades. In 2017, we added SAP Helpdesk and Global Support and provided system integration services. In 2019, we included Solution Advisory & Consulting – Big Data Initiatives to our portfolio. In 2020, we specialized in automating the business process.

The series of awards and accolades that we have bagged from SAP is the best proof of our expertise.

We were nominated as
one of the Top 25 SAP
Consulting companies
in the Asia Pacific by
CIO Outlook

We were named SAP’s Promising Partner, SAP’s Fastest Growing Partner
and SAP’s Most Lead
Registration Partner.

What we offer


“PathFinder” a
premium advisory
service to plan &
devise S/4 HANA or
cloud roadmap


Migration &
Conversions from

Suite on HANA

Upgrade S/4 HANA to the latest version

Our advanced solutions to help connect beyond Enterprise

Secure your system and reduce TCO with our SAP Infra Managed Services

We deliver value with SAP Application Support (AMS)

With our ADVANTECH Offering, we will help you manage your business remotely. ADVANTECH comes with solutions that are quick to implement and cost-effective.

Implementation Services

Companies need to digitally transform themselves to evolve as Intelligent Enterprises to survive and succeed. SAP is leading the race to help companies gain competitive advantage through business process innovation. With our proven track record, we can help

Revival & Re-Implementation

Many SAP adoption fails for multiple reasons including unrealistic expectations, scope creep, hidden complexity, ineective consultants, lack of management involvement, and lack of change management. We follow a rigorous set of processes that accurately assess the cause of the implementation failure and ensure that the reimplementation project is guaranteed success.


When global organizations that are users of SAP, expand their operations to new geographies, they need to ensure that their systems and processes comply with the local laws and regulations. To do this, they need a complete understanding of local business and taxation policies. Specialized knowledge and expertise are required to understand, interpret and configure all relevant requirements to the SAP system of the parent company so that it blends seamlessly with the global operations. We have the needed experience to undertake such rollout projects and ensure flawless implementation. We do this by:

System Conversion, Upgrade & Migration


Suppose you want to migrate from your ECC system to S/4 HANA or just switch to HANA database or upgrade to the latest version of S/4 HANA. In that case, we are there for you and have a proven track record of having done these projects successfully.

Enterprises that run on SAP (ECC) can quickly adapt S/4 HANA, through a system conversion method. Transforming a pre-existing SAP ECC instance to a S/4 HANA instance with all the historical data is simple. We do this through efficiently documented processes and inbuilt system conversion tools. We have helped several customers effectively migrate to S/4 HANA.