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When we tell you that we are a Business Solutions provider using innovative technologies to help customers, we wouldn’t be surprised if you would say that there are other companies too who make the same claim, and therefore what makes us different.

That is why we thought of walking you through our narrative to show how different we are from our peers and some of the industry’s big players. Of course, we believe in walking the talk. So, hear us out.

When Raghu R, our CEO founded vVolve in 2010, its purpose was clear – work with customers to automate their business and help them transform digitally. His prior experience of successfully founding an SAP consulting firm taught him that customers seek flexible working partners who can offer rapid custom-made solutions. Which is why at vVolve, we take immense pride in the fact that our customers treat us as an ally whom they can trust to grow their business. And we have several customers in Singapore, who can vouch for our claims.

At vVolve, experienced leaders and a strong delivery team based in Singapore, back us. vVolve is a symbolic reference to evolve – because we digitally transform our customers to help them ‘evolve’.

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Our experience and expertise

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Our core strengths are in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Management, Automation, Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence on SAP, OpenText, Microsoft, Digital Roadmap, SAP Led Digital Transformation on S/4HANA, Digital Procurement Transformation with Ariba Solutions, Digital Supply Chain with Integrated Business Planning and Extended Warehouse Management. When you work with us, you will understand that our offerings’ breadth will most certainly meet your needs.
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Whom do we serve

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Our customers are from the Manufacturing, Retail and Food and Beverage. Wholesale and Logistics, Consumer Products and Services sectors. The users of their products and services demand value, and their demands are ever-growing. Our partners understand the criticality of providing quality service to their end-users and are aware of the need to adopt new technologies to support them meet their obligation.

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How have we supported our Customers

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In our over one decade of the journey so far, we have helped our customers

Become intelligent enterprises by digitally transforming their business through S/4HANA

Reduced their TCO by supporting their move to the cloud

Save the high costs in sourcing and procurement, through accuracy and reduced processing time

Optimize and improve the planning function of their business

Embrace automation to eliminate redundant processes and achieve quick and error-free results

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What do customers seek

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Having dealt with a multitude of customers from various industries in their present and previous roles, our leadership team is unanimous on their call out of the immediate priority of customers, based on which we have listed a few

Harmonization and Unification of Processes and Systems

The right method to digitally transform their business

Need to eliminate redundant processes with automation solutions

Solve solutions/systems having performance issues

Meet their Compliance Agenda

Reduce their Total Cost of Operations and increase savings in cost

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What do our customers say

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Several of our customers have endorsed our capabilities, and we are honored by it. It is their reference, combined with our team of multi-skilled technology consultants and our selection of services that make us stand out in the crowd and contribute to our rise.

Our customers tell us that our strength is in combining multiple technologies to offer appropriate business solutions. They also have said to us that subscribing to our consultative approach has given them significant ROI. Much to our delight, a few have admitted to having gained the 1st mover advantage, through our partnership. Research has shown that verbal endorsements are influential in decision making. We agree with that view. So, let us know if you want to talk to a few of our happy customers.

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Our geographical reach

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Although Singapore and UAE is our focus, we do serve other countries in Southeast Asia.