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Integrated Intelligent Automation (IIA)

IIA is a complete ecosystem to meet an organization’s automation needs. vVolve integrates a range of intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, chatbots and virtual assistants, and IoT, to facilitate operational excellence. Our extensive experience in each of these domains allows us to be a one-stop integrated solution provider.

Integrated Intelligent Automation Vision

Intelligent Automation Vision

Our Approach


Robotic Process Automation

Often business operations need outpaces the technology landscape. Given the limitations of the existing technology landscape, business develop processes using multiple business applications often not integrated which each other. High cost on integrations using traditional methods may not justify the investments.

Robotic Process Automation comes to rescue in situations where traditional integrations is not a viable option. It leverages advanced technology where software bots are deployed to mimic human behaviour. Bots even can achieve integrations along with human actions to provide end to end automation possibilities.

vVolve expertise in designing and implementing end to end automation using leading RPA Platforms and more. Our goal is to optimize operations and provide people to concentrate on their core business without compromising on their processes and governance.

Low Code/No Code Application Development

Stuck with outdated business applications but developing modern application is avery expensive and time consuming exercise.

With matured Low Code/No Code development platforms, migrating your existing business applications to modern applications is possible in a timely and cost effective manner.

vVolve capabilities in leading Low Code/No Code platforms will help you in modernising your existing applications be it a internal applications or core business applications.

Workflow & Mobility Solutions for operations

With processes developed overtime with multiple business applications and specialbusiness needs introduced throughout these times, the processes become redundant and manual in nature. With governance requirements many approvals and routing are implemented in the processes.

vVolve consulting led approach to digital and automation approach focus on re-engineering these outdated processes. Gaps and opportunities are identified for any digital improvements is a cost-effective way.

End goal is to enable digital workflow enabled processes with mobile enabled actions like request , approvals , information sharing etc. This allows enterprises to achieve governance requirements which is a mammoth task with manual-traditional processes.

Practical AI

With the advances in Artificial intelligence, it brings umpteen opportunities to improvise your business operations and its productivity.

vVolve “Practical AI” approach focus on leveraging AI solutions in the most non-intrusive and simplistic way. Focus is to enable intelligent operations quickly without huge capital. We work very closely with leading AI solutions providers to integrate AI solutions in business processes.

E-Signature Solutions

Signatures are core to your business and operations. But intrinsic cost of paper-based signing (signing processes, maintenance and governance) has a very high Total cost of ownership. Also, today processes are digital with “on the go” experience where paper based processes does not fit newer business opportunities.

vVolve expertise in leading e-sign tools like Adobe and DocuSign. We build complete integrated solutions using e-signature platformswith touchless e-signing enablement.

Legacy Transformation

Today many processes are built using existing tools and legacy business applications which cannot keep pace with the current business needs. Operations struggle to deliver the desired experience due to lack of digital capabilities. Replacing legacy system has its own challenges and need huge capital/time investments.

vVolve’s approach for Legacy Transformation is to leverage your core business applications and add a light weight layer to enable modern processes for your business operations. We provide consulting led digital transformation of legacy processes leveraging digital and automation intervention like chatbots, RPA, Digital App development etc.

Analytics driven Automated operations

Enterprises have invested on data analytics to enhance their decision making. With automation, we look to leverage the investment in data and take it to next level. By analytics driven automation, vVolve proposes a model to drive your business processes by of using results from the analytics ecosystem. For example, based on the advanced reporting on ageing, a follow-up request can be triggered automatically.

Paperless processes with OCR/ICR Enabled automation

Business processes are built around documents which are exchanged between customers, vendors, departments or even employees. Traditional OCR solutions are costly with huge overheads which pushes businesses to continue with paper based processes.

vVolve’s Digital & Automation combines the power of leading edge OCR solutions with automation and digital solutions. This method allows business operations to become truly paperless with proper workflow and governance

IOT Driven Automation

Enterprises have already started putting IOT devices in their operations ecosystem. IOT devices are great assets to get the real time information on your critical operations.

Given the real time information’sis available, it is important to enable real time actions. Challenges in real-time actions are two folds. Firstly, given a situation an approval is required to act. Second, integrate the business application to initiate an action or process.

vVolve Digital & Automation approach enables on-the-go notifications and approvals to allow quick approvals for critical situation (via IOT) amd using integrations or RPA for actions/processes on any business applications

Integrated Intelligent Automation journey with vVolve





Desktop Automation

Rules based processes

Repetitive tasks

Adhoc manual tasks


Batch process


Optical character recognition

Workflow enabled straight through processes

Integrated processes using API/RPA/workflows


virtual agents

Analytics let automation

Cognitive (AI) solutions like NLP, ML – Supervised solutions

loT enabled automations

End to end automated

processes with straight through processes with human-like intelligence

Integrated intelligent automation vision is a comprehensive approach to achieve end to end digital and automated processes hence driving operation excellence.

vVolve’s approach is to digitize and automate any business processes in a wholesome way with proper roadmap and planning.

Next generation Digital Processes with vVolve


With Integrated Intelligent approach, vVolve helps customer transform their existing processes with limitations due to legacy business applications. Modern and digital processes are enabled using consulting led process re-designing and re-engineering. VVolve will help customer with a cost-effective solution using low-code development, automation solution, workflow solutionsand any existing investments.

Our Digital and Automation services


Consulting & Advisory Services

Assessment and Discovery

Implementation Services

Operate and Support Services

Change Management and enterprise Adoption

Enabling Automation CoE

Enterprise Automation Approach


Process Inventory List

Automation suitability selection criteria

Additional data collection need

Candidate processes

Detailed analysis data collection sheet

Automation suitability scoring model

Top automation candidates

Candidate processes fit analysis

Long tail for automation

Enterprise automation strategy

Automation business case

Automation alignment with business

Implementation roadmap

Automation support model

Roadmap for future automation opportunities

Candidate for PoC

vVolve, with its unique scientific approach, helps its customer to derive an automation framework. This framework is not limited to Robotic process automation but extended to discover process digital and automation opportunities. These opportunities then can be used for process re-engineering and mapped with different solutions in a cost effective and practical manner.

Get in touch with vVolve’s digital and automation experts to understand how this can help in taking your operations to next level.

Automation Workshop with vVolve Automation Team


Automation and Digital transformation are a journey and not a project. This is very important aspect when planning your automation initiative. It is imperative to understand different concepts and solutions of process automation and how it can be leveraged for your own operations or department.

vVolve offers consulting workshop to kick start your automation initiative. vVolve supports customer with co-investment model in facilitating these workshops. Get in touch with us to know more.

Our Solutions


vVolve’s provide solutions based on your industry like Healthcare , BFSI etc and line of businesses like Finance & Accounting , Procurement etc.

Also, vVolve’s offers tailored solutions and models to align different customer requirements.

By Industry

By Lob

Specific Opportunities

Success Stories


No1 Business Intelligence Solution At Leading Airport Solution We setup an enterprise analytics system capturing data from multiple sources and developed customized dashboards to act as decision supporting system for the Top management. Challenge A Leading airport serving over 100 airlines & 50 Million+ Passengers was looking to setup an enterprise wide BI system. The lack of a common platform delayed key reports & impacted decision making. Benefit 90% time saving - instant report availability

Integration of ERP data with excel from multiple sources

Self-service BI capabilities due to consolidated platform and quality data

No manual intervention

Quick availability of airline wise profitability helps customise promotions and incentives
No2 BI Strategy & Roadmap For Leading Telecom Provider Solution We conducted A detailed as is study to develop a good Enterprise reporting strategy to align the system with business requirement & future scalability. In addition, we created BI governance and data governance model to guide the BI solution deployments. We setup an enterprise wide reporting system helping Integrate the historical data from various legacy systems with the current Transaction system. Challenge A Leading Telecom provider with a combined Mobile subscriber needed a BI strategy to handle the ever growing data volumes alongside multiple Legacy systems.

Benefit Long term Strategic roadmap in place

70% time saving - instant report availability

Single common platform for all BI needs

Targeted BI for various groups for their strategic, tactical and operational needs

Reduced manual intervention

Reduced data duplication and information silos
No3 Analytics Strategy And Solution Implementation For Leading Dairy Co-operative
Solution We Built a high level IT strategy & System architecture for integrating all the secondary sales / tertiary sales / other third party systems into one single platform. We also Setup an analytics platform for primary, secondary sales & CRM across 8+ countries. We also helped Integrate the historical data from various legacy systems with the current Transaction system. Challenge A multinational dairy co-operative owned by more than 10,000 farmers & responsible for approximately 30% of the world's dairy exports needed to integrate its sales channels to effectively optimize & monitor growth across multiple channels Benefit 80% time saving - instant report availability

Single unified platform for all the BI needs

No manual intervention

60-70% improvement in performance of key reports tested against the existing RDMBS

High user adoption