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Why Your Organization Needs to Act Now to Migrate to SAP Ariba CIG

By vVolve


Are you still using an outdated Ariba e-procurement system running on CI9?

It’s time to upgrade! SAP Ariba CIG is here, and it’s transforming the way the organization’s procurement is integrated with the suppliers & organization’s ERP system.

As SAP withdraws their Support for CI9 after Dec 2023, this article is focussed on evaluating the impact of CI9 support withdrawal on ongoing Ariba related functionalities, additional features CIG (which is replacing CI9) and how it benefits the organization & how vVolve can help your organization to seamlessly migrate to CIG NZDT (Near Zero Downtime).

Overview of CI9 & its purpose:

CI9 is SAP’s Cloud integration release 9.0 which is a network adapter for SAP which enables integrations of SAP ECC/S4 HANA system (on-prem) with Ariba cloud solution.

CI9 serves to ensure connectivity between Ariba and ERP systems (SAP/Non-SAP applications), Data synchronization, Transaction automation, Realtime data exchange & ensure the security and compliance.

What is changing now:

SAP has upgraded their cloud integration network adapter as Cloud integration gateway (CIG) which comes with enhanced security, compliance & easy integration with preconfigured standard interfaces & improved real time integration with speed and agility. SAP offers CIG without any additional license cost. SAP shall no longer support any cloud integration network adaptors (CI7, CI9 etc.)  except for CIG, after Dec 2023.

What does the CI9 support withdrawal mean to the organization:

  • Risk of business interruption due to service withdrawal by SAP to address any  issues encountered in CI9 after Dec 2023.
  • Ariba as a SAAS product, evolves constantly.. All the additional features, innovations post 2023, shall only be compatible with CIG. Customers not migrated to CIG may lose the benefits of Ariba’s innovations, upgrades & support (related to integration gateway).
  • Lagger in technology adoption impacts the business agility, sub-optimal supplier integration resulting in business effectiveness. 

Benefits of CIG Migration:

Enhanced Agility – CIG provides a cloud-based integration platform that enables faster and more flexible integration with Ariba solutions, improving agility in responding to business requirements.

Increased Scalability – CIG supports a higher volume of transactions, making it easier to scale the integration to support business growth.

Improved Security – CIG provides enhanced security features, including secure access and data encryption, which help to mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Reduced TCO – CIG can  help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Ariba integrations by minimizing the need for custom development, reducing maintenance costs, and streamlining integration processes.

Improved Supplier collaboration – CIG provides better connectivity and Integration capabilities, enabling closer collaboration with suppliers and improving supplier relationships.

 How vVolve Can help you:

  • We are specialized in delivering CIG migration at record timelines with assured NZDT (Near Zero DownTime) deployment.
  • We have built a rapid deployment solution to help Ariba customers migrate to CIG seamlessly without any business interruption.

With our most proven successful delivery framework for CIG migration, we can migrate our Ariba clients to CIG at a most competitive pricing. 

If you want to find out more, Please call us at +65 6836 1211 or email us at info@vvolve.com

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