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With digital transformation changing the way businesses are thought of and executed, managing digital information has emerged as a challenge for companies. Traditional methods of information management are proving to be inadequate for handling the deluge of data which is growing at a compounded rate of 60%, of which, interestingly 80% is unstructured. In such a scenario what is required is an information management system that can manage a huge amount of unstructured data efficiently. And this is where OpenText comes into the picture.

OpenText Corporation is a Canadian technology company that develops Enterprise Information Management(EIM) software. EIM software system enables businesses to secure information from diverse organizational departments in different geographies and form a cohesive information management system. It allows them to use, leverage, and apply data and create strategic roadmaps for the future to gain a competitive edge.

For more than two decades, SAP and OpenText have collaborated to help companies manage the ever-increasing amount of digital data. Their partnership has won the SAP Pinnacle Partner Award for four years in a row. Through their combined expertise, they enable businesses to integrate all their data both structured and unstructured including emails, spreadsheets, text messages, images, and videos, and categorise them into contexts to increase their relevance.

OpenText Suite for SAP covers all aspects of digital information management. It is a customised

portfolio for SAP-run businesses that harnesses the best that EIM has to offer. It is designed to cover specific business needs while providing a holistic data management solution at the same time. The suite includes solutions ranging from OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solutions that allow businesses to archive information and access archived data and OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions that add to the capabilities of the former to OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions that integrate content according to the context of business processes.

Its other offerings include OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions (captures, documents, and manages content), OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions (provides HR solutions based on ECM), OpenText Travel Receipts Management for SAP Solutions (streamlines the travel cost accounting process), and OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions (optimizes and simplifies the process of creating and monitoring purchase orders and invoices).

In short, OpenText Suite for SAP combines the strength of both the companies to allow businesses access, manage, and store all kinds of digital information. By enabling companies to tap the potential of the prodigious amount of digital data, it is supporting them to leverage smartly the available information to prepare them for tomorrow.

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