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Cloud services

Cloud is the enabler for enterprises to start on their digital transformation, become agile and get rapid delivery of business applications and solutions. This also helps enterprises to be competitive and accelerate in the market to deliver best customer experiences

Business Intelligence

Data Driven, Actionable Business Insights are the new norm of today for enterprises to accelerate in the fast-paced market environment. At vVolve, with our bespoke, industry specific Business Intelligence solutions, we help enterprises to set metrics and achieve desired outcomes through better integration of organizational and the ever-growing Social Data. Data Visualization then becomes democratized across the enterprise and surfaces real-time insights effortlessly for smarter decision making

Analytics & Machine Learning

We are today surrounded by brontobytes of big data and in many cases, these data points remain in silos or are of low quality, which restricts enterprises to innovate and define quick strategies and deploy solutions that markets demand.

At vVolve, our bespoke Big Data and Advanced Analytics methodology amalgamates with our Machine Learning subject matter experts who enable organizations accelerate productivity with deeper insights from the huge variety and volume of unstructured and structured data in a cost-effective manner

Data Engineering

In the era of SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud) data plays a vital role for enterprise to be successful in today’s competitive market, especially when data property is defined in 3V’s (volume, variety and velocity). Evolution of data engineering is pushing enterprises in needing a state of the art E2E Data Management strategy that not only caters to business needs of today but also of the future.

At vVolve, we provide organizations with bespoke data management solutions by considering of their existing infrastructure and future plan and strategy of the data journey to support business growth.

Content & Collaboration services

Great things happen when people come together. Why restrict ourselves when it comes to work due to geographical distance? Our collaboration solutions help users across your organization, irrespective of the geography, collaborate seamlessly on various platforms enhancing productivity.

Low-code Apps Development & Intelligent Automation

Enterprises and users can now analyze, act, and automate on the data to digitally transform through low-code web and mobile application development. This will also enable enterprises to evolve their customer journey by standardizing and automating process across the organization, build a scalable foundation that enables agile addition or integration with new business processes

Artificial Intelligence – AI

Digital Transformation has pushed enterprises to find ways of delivering new and constant experiences within the organization and in the market to stay ahead of the curve. The power of AI helps you do just that consistently and helps you innovate on new strategies towards customer retention. Maintain competitive edge with combined AI, mobile, IOT, and social capabilities.

Digital Transformation within customers is now required to maintain their competitive edge. AI that combines Big Data, robust Cloud Networking and Advanced Algorithms is now driving this Digital Transformation. AI empowers employees and customers to optimize their interactions, how they communicate and helps transform products.