With our deep-rooted expertise and experience in end-to-end procurement processes, vVolve’s Smart Procurement solution offers a wide range of solutions and services to digitize and transform your current procurement process. Combined with intelligent data analytics and data mining capabilities, we strive to elevate your procurement processes to a whole new level.

The vVolve Advantage

  • End-to-end Intelligent Next Generation Procurement Solutions

    We help our customers with a digital strategy to plan and execute the procurement digital transformation initiatives. We combine the core strengths of SAP Ariba, SAP S/4 HANA, OpenText and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies in implementing innovative solutions that covers end-to-end processes starting from eSourcing to payment processing. We offer comprehensive End-to-End solutions and services packages tailored to your needs.

  • Value-added Procurement Solutions for Enterprises

    We leverage on our deep industry expertise spanning Financial Services, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, High-Tech and Semi-Conductors, Consumer Packaged Goods, Discreet Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and more, in offering our innovative Smart Procurement Solutions.

  • Broad Spectrum of Solutions

    We offer a wide range of solutions from simple operational procurement to complex supply chain collaborations for direct materials. Our solutions are modular and can be configured to cover both SMEs and large organizations, and are especially suited for customers who are already using SAP ERP solutions.

  • Years of Industry Expertise and Proven Business Competence

    With vVolve’s years of proven and tested implementation strategy, we have helped our clients with solutions that meet their business objectives. Our robust and scalable solutions help in developing growth strategies, delivering operational and procurement excellence, and delivering value.

Key Highlights

Five key principles of our Smart Procurement solution

Foster best-practice procurement processes

Drive digital collaboration

Enforce process compliance & accountability

Achieve value for money with cost savings

Introduce next-generation user experience

Our Solutions

Strategic Sourcing

With our SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite solution portfolio, you can manage your entire sourcing, contracting, and spend analysis processes for all types of spend – for direct and indirect materials as well as for services – all in one place. Tightly integrated into your execution and procurement processes, you will be able to:

  • Aggregate and classify all purchases company-wide and group-wide
  • Gain visibility into and segment spending, and identify savings opportunities
  • Standardize source-to-contract processes across teams and business units
  • Drive materials cost savings and optimization across all spend categories
  • Ensure that the savings you negotiate are fully realized
  • Increase speed and drive throughput across your teams
  • Reduce risk by finding better suppliers and innovation partners

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) automates and streamlines contract processes across the key stages of contract initiation, authoring, process and workflow, negotiation and approval, eSignature, execution, ongoing management and compliance, and contract renewal. Our SAP Ariba Contracts Solution is designed to provide greater visibility into corporate spend, achieve greater efficiencies in the contract process, and lower administrative costs through:

  • Managing procurement and sales contracts, IP licenses and internal agreements
  • Automating and accelerating contract lifecycle management from start to end
  • Standardizing and controlling contract development
  • Strengthening operational, contractual and regulatory compliance
  • Creating contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates and legal clauses
  • Managing and tracking contract usage and timeline

Supply Chain Collaboration

Achieve complete supply chain visibility with SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration. Integrated with your ERP and supply chain optimization systems, this collaboration platform equips you to work safely and easily with multiple tiers of contract manufacturers and suppliers across key supply chain planning and execution processes by

  • Integrating your ERP & Planning Systems for supplier collaboration
  • Sharing production forecasts, orders, quality, and inventory information with suppliers and obtaining their responses in real time
  • Anticipating and resolving supply assurance problems quickly with collaboration dashboards that alert you to supply and demand mismatches
  • Onboarding all your suppliers using our on-demand tools, multiple integration options, and supplier enablement teams with decades of onboarding expertise


Procure-to-Pay is the process of integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems to achieve greater efficiencies. It exists within the larger procurement management process and involves four key stages: selecting & ordering goods and services; enforcing procurement; receiving and reconciliation; invoicing and payment. 

Our SAP Ariba Procure-to-Pay Solutions digitalizes your procurement process and strengthens compliance and control among vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and Finance teams. By helping organizations buy from preferred suppliers at negotiated prices without the manual paperwork and spreadsheet headaches, process automation with Procure-to-Pay software can:

  • Consolidate most manual commerce processes to reduce errors
  • Enforce procurement compliance
  • Actively control and improve global spend creating real cost saving opportunities
  • Enable digital collaboration with suppliers and better supplier management
  • Drive savings to the bottom line to maximize the value of sourcing negotiations

eInvoicing & Accounts Payable Automation

By digitizing invoice data and matching it against contracts, purchase orders, service entry sheets, and goods receipts, eInvoicing reduces the risk of invoice errors and exceptions. When e-invoices are transmitted over a digital business network, and programmed with related document data and business rules, they can be validated automatically before posting for payment in your ERP systems. We offer comprehensive eInvoicing solutions that combine SAP Ariba, OpenText VIM and RPA solutions. With digital processing of eInvoices, our solutions offer:

  • High “touch-less” processing of invoices
  • Facilitate collaboration within the organization and among trading partners
  • Enforce governance & compliance on finance postings
  • Maximize early-payment discounts and optimize working capital
  • Lower the risk of overpayment and fraud
  • Improve cash flow management with real time reporting & analytics

Supplier Management

With our SAP Ariba Supplier Management portfolio, we offer end-to-end solutions that let you manage supplier information, supplier lifecycle, supplier performance, and supplier risk all in one place. This helps drive spend to preferred suppliers and reduce risk every step of the way. The processes covered in our solutions include:

  • Vendor Selection - Using an up-to-date risk profile to qualify and segment based on category, location and business unit
  • Risk Assessment - Perform risk due diligence based on the nature of your vendor engagement
  • Contract Negotiation – Establish contract terms and risk KPIs
  • Onboarding – Incorporating risk assessment and audit status during supplier onboarding
  • Performance Management and Risk Monitoring/Mitigation - Utilize a matrix-based, single view of vendor and a data-driven incident model in supplier performance and risk management

Supplier Portal SmartPort@

Our Supplier Portal is designed for SAP clients using SAP Ariba solutions. This allows our clients to collaborate digitally with their supplier base and transform the paper-based processes to digital processes. This covers all the aspects including supplier profile management, purchase order processing, receiving, eInvoicing, payment functions, reporting etc. Our Supplier Portal Solution can:

  • Integrate real-time with single or multiple instances of SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ERP systems
  • Convert paper-based processes to digital processes offering high processing efficiency
  • Facilitate eInvoicing & payment functions
  • Enable better supplier relations

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