EPM 10 lets you gain a competitive advantage by deriving actual insights into your business. The EPM 10 starter kit can be used for various initiatives such as IFRS, liquidity, capital planning expenditure and more. It also helps assist in rapidly deploying solutions for faster results and performances. Various EPM products such as Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0, Strategy Management, Profitability, and Cost Management, Intercompany, and SAP Business Objects Financial Consolidation unlocks the predictive potential of data analysis. This helps improve financial performance, strategic management, and operational efficiency of businesses.

The vVolve Advantage

For competitive advantage analytical insights into the business is very important. Therefore, vVolve recommends SAP’s best of the breed EPM solutions. Our value added reporting solutions for enterprises using EPM are leveraged by the proliferation of our industry expertise and business competence, spanning across areas such as Financial Services, Real Estate, Devices, Automotive, Engineering & Construction, High Tech and Semi-conductor, Consumer Packaged Goods, Transportation, Discrete Manufacturing and Utilities/Telecommunications.

  • Dedicated Value-added solutions for enterprises

    Every business needs to have an analytical insight in order to develop a competitive advantage. Our value-added reporting solutions leverage industry expertise and business competence that span various industries such as Financial Services, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, High-Tech and Semi-Conductors, Consumer Packaged Goods, Transportation, Apparel and Footwear, Discreet Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and more.

  • Strong Business Analytics

    vVolve’s recommended EPM solutions are capable of supporting a variety of processes including KPI capture, management reporting, group consolidation, statutory reporting, and financial & operational budgeting, forecasting, and planning

  • Years of industry expertise and proven business competence

    vVolve uses years of proven and tested models to develop planning and forecasting solutions that are aligned with the business objectives, thereby fast-tracking its success. Various robust and scalable solutions help in developing growth strategies, delivering operational and IT excellence, and business change management programs to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

  • A methodology backed by strong collaborations, critical visualization & iteration techniques

    vVolve’s experience with numerous clients over the years has resulted in the development of result-based solutions. Every situation and challenge is carefully analyzed before effective solutions are recommended

Key Highlights

vVolve’s experience with numerous clients over the years has resulted in the development of result-based solutions. Every situation and challenge is carefully analyzed before effective solutions are recommended

The chance to drive profitability
with fact-based decisions

Fast-paced business environments need improved solutions to keep up with the change. That’s where traditional approaches fall short of fulfilling complex requirements. Today, organizations need immediate ROI’s and struggle to keep abreast of critical analysis. vVolve implements agile techniques and iterative concepts through SAP to addresses all major concerns. The link below offers an insight on why SAP is essential to business growth.

Increased revenue and profitability by strategizing, planning, analyzing, and optimizing

We believe that operational excellence is directly proportionate to the revenue growth and profitability of a business. In order to achieve operational efficiency, an integrated change across the organization needs to be implemented. vVolve recommends EPM products that provide actionable intelligence to improve operational excellence. The following video explains how EPM can help.

A way to improved financial planning and analysis without Excel proliferation

The excessive use of spreadsheets hamper reporting capabilities. Very often customers find themselves tied down due to the limitations that come from traditional database management systems. Common constraints related to traditional database management systems need to be taken into account when designing BPC solutions; even more so that other aspects such as the granularity of planning, volumes of data, the complexity of planning model calculations, and the ability to perform real-time scenario planning are not compromised.

Incorporating a system to expedite financial period closing

At vVolve, we strongly recommend SAP EMP’s analytical tools in order to facilitate faster financial period closing and reporting.

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