Organizations need powerful platform to handle massive volume of data which needs to be transformed into information. The solution should be capable of handling exponential data growth and real time processing of both structured and unstructured data.

vVolve helps organizations build trusted data warehouse platform with credibility and data consistency. Our highly optimized solution is easily scalable and flexible to address the dynamic demands of the business.

vVolve has helped many leading organizations consolidate data from multiple sources and turn raw data into insightful information to derive business value. We help design, develop and deliver comprehensive end to end data management solutions for business transformations.

Key highlights

Eliminate multiple version of truth and reduce redundancies.

Streamline management of data to promote data transparency.

Central repository for analytics

Streamlined analytics environment

Robust & scalable platform


  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP Business Warehouse on HANA

SAP's traditional data warehouse solution SAP BW powered by its latest in memory platform SAP HANA delivers maximum performance and allows to leverage powerful capabilities of HANA. SAP BW’s tight integrated with its core SAP ERP system and huge availability of standard information models and reports makes it easy for quick deployment.

  • Provides End to End Business Intelligence Platform
  • Empower business users with real time information access
  • High performance and scalability
  • Optimized query and load performance
  • Supports integration of data from multiple source systems
  • SAP Business content extractors enables fast and cost effective deployment
  • Robust, stable and highly integrated solution
  • SAP Business Objects Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward

SAP data services provides complete functionality which helps in integration of data across disparate relational database management systems, or unstructured data repositories to get comprehensive. Data services provides best in class functionality for data integration, quality and cleansing/enrichment. This powerful tool is capable of rapidly loading large volume of data from multiple sources into databases, business intelligence tools or applications.

  • Empower business with accurate and enriched data
  • Combine data from different sources to get holistic view
  • Reliable and meaningful business insights in real time
  • Model, share and migrate data with security
  • High performance and scalability
  • Quick and efficient way of accessing data with zero loss
  • Provides data quality dashboards for all downstream applications
  • Single solution for data quality and data integration

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