Being a market leader, OpenText Business Process Management Suite empowers businesses to gain critical visibility into business operations which in turn drives growth and innovation. This platform supports all deployment models required for on-premise, private, or public clouds and can be accessed simply through your web browser. So go ahead and power up your business operation with our cutting edge BPM services.

Key Highlights

OpenText Process Suite, as a market a leader in the BPM platform, enables organizations to tackle their most pressing and complex process automation and case management challenges from a single platform. Business and IT can easily collaborate and get work done, quickly and effectively. With integrated Document Management & iHub analytical reporting, it offers an end to end solution for process automation involving data and documents.

Business Process Management (BPM)

to manage end-to-end processes across systems and applications efficiently and effectively covering integration centric and human centric workflows.

Process Intelligence

to drive smarter decisions with advanced dashboards, reporting and analytics resulting in increased visibility into processes.

Dynamic Case Management

to empower knowledge workers to achieve business outcomes and goals for cases or work units that combine structured data and unstructured information. Knowledge workers are guided through the process and have the ability to influence and change the process per their judgment while keeping full transparency at the same time.

Business Rules Management

to automate actions with seamless integration of rules into business processes and business objects during modeling and design time.

Master Data Management (MDM)

manage your critical business data within a uniform, single source platform.

Our Capabilities

We offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Architecture, Design, & Implementation of OpenText Process Suite Platform
  • On-Premise or Cloud Based BPM
  • Mobility services
  • RDS Solution for Financial & HR Services
  • Migration & Version Upgrade Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Consulting, & Design & Implementation with Core Functions Such as:
    • Process Modeling
    • Case Management
    • Master Data Management
    • Rules Engine
    • SOA/ESB Base Architecture
    • Mobile BPM

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