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SAP Fiori UX in a SAP Intelligent Enterprise and a Case Study for Digitizing Procure-to-Pay

By Vvolve

In our previous post What is a SAP Intelligent Enterprise?, Raghu highlighted that one key aspect of intelligence is the ability to interact with the IT/ERP systems in an intuitive, mobile, role-based and user-friendly way using SAP Fiori. In todays post, I share some thoughts on the SAP Fiori UX technology and use a concrete example a digitized Procure-to-Pay process to show how it works in practice.

Digitizing Procure-to-Pay

Why SAP Fiori?

For most SAP users, we remember the days where using SAP means having to undergo training just to perform a transaction, and, for power users, to have to memorize numerous transaction codes just to get our work done. Sometimes, it also means performing repetitive transactions just to enter the data into the system.

A SAP Intelligent Enterprise wants to do better than this. It wants to take away the steep learning curve by making it as easy to interact with SAP as using your iPhone simple, easy-to-use and on-the-go.

SAP Fiori UX, which is based on the latest web design technology, helps to make this happen. While intuitive human-computer interface design is not new, in most instances, it is a technology topic that focuses on tech aspect and for a particular narrow task at hand. SAP Fiori, on the other hand, is more than just a technology. It is also UX design philosophy that is based on modern principles of Role-based, Simple, Adaptive, Coherent, Delightful.

This means that, using SAP Fiori, we can re-imagine the user experience for you across SAP’s solution suite, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA and many more. Try SAP’s cloud based demo here.

Digitized Procure-to-Pay in action

vVolve’s Digitized Procure-to-Pay solution is a concrete example of SAP Fiori UX together with the underlying business process in action. It is a solution that we have successfully deployed at several of our clients including a leading oil and gas company.

Using a simple intuitive user workflow combined with a mobile enabled SAP Fiori app interface, our solution allows executives to work on the move and cut procurement time by up to 90%. This also means more timely payment and better supplier relationships.

Ease of use and faster turnaround does not mean compromising on stringent checks and controls. Our solution seamlessly integrates with the SAP Finance modules for all budget and approval checks as well as leverages SAP Procurement best practices.

Quick deployment for faster return on investment

While one might think that fancy interfaces and complicated workflows will take a lot of time and effort to implement, our experience has shown that this is need not be the case. Now, with the options to deploy both on-premise and as cloud based solutions, as well as, our ability to leverage our knowledge base, library of pre-built modules and experience from implementing SAP Fiori solutions for Finance, Human Resources (HR) as well as Analytics application for clients around the world, we have been able to shorten implementation times, which means lower implementation cost and therefore faster and greater return on investment for our clients.

Do reach out to me at kabir@vvolve.com for more information and a demo of prebuilt solutions. In the next few articles, I will elaborate more on the different deployment options and how to decide on the most suitable for your organization.

Kabir Radhakrishnani is a Partner and Director of SAP Practice at vVolve Management Consultants.

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