Big data is next step in the analytics evolution path which brings together advanced analytics and information management for enhanced insights and decision making. Its high volume, high velocity and high variety information which demands cost effective innovative information processing.
Big data helps organizations to move from traditional analytics to more advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive fact based decision, executions, management and planning. Big data is a combination of transactions, interactions and observations which can be internal or external and the landscape is extremely complex and rapidly changing.

Key Highlights

Helps organizations to analyze high volume of both structured and unstructured data using high performance applications

Advanced analytical solutions use various sophisticated techniques and statistical models which transforms data into actionable insight

Capable of performing innovative analytics using Structured, Semi structured and Unstructured data

Helps business in their decision making using data that was previously not available.

Helps organizations in transforming their business decisions for their future


Unlock the potential of data in seconds using big data analytics solutions. By combining the power of SAP HANA and SAP data services, organizations would be able transform their entire analytics to the next level. Huge volume of both structured and unstructured data from disparate sources would be transformed to create advanced analytics to deliver insights across organizations.

SAP advanced analytics platform and solutions helps in processing massive amount of data at lightning speed.

  • Real time analytics and reporting using in memory capability of SAP HANA
  • Predict future, anticipate change and make decisions using SAP predictive Analytics
  • Create high impact data visualization on your big data
  • Text analytics using natural language processing of SAP HANA and SAP Data Services

Open Text Data Analytics is an advanced analytics solution suitable for business analysts to perform various advanced analytics using simple drag and drop user interface without any need for programming. Users can easily access data from various sources systems to blend, explore and analyze without any dependence on IT.

The following are some of the analytics offered by Big Data Analytics:

  • Precise Sales forecasting
  • Sophisticated offers
  • Behavior Grouping
  • Fraud, Attrition and Churn detection
  • Accurate segmentation

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