The Evolutionary Model of Project Execution is based on fundamental pillars which consist of Expertise, Experience and Business Impact. By infusing these core principles across each project, vVolve reduces the project execution time and pay back periods to establish stable and reliable channels for faster project execution. To cite an example, in a typical accounts payable automation projects, vVolve with its experience have productized the solution for local needs, thus reducing the project execution time by 40 percent.


Implementing an ERP solution is not a task for novices. It requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s business processes and sharp technical skills. Our personnel are, therefore, well-equipped with both technical and business skills. They’re aware of every possibility that technology offers and every constraint that business imposes. This ensures that you don’t pay for our learning curve and that you receive the best possible solution.


Every project throws its own unique set of challenges. Our personnel address these using their instincts. Instincts that have been honed through years of encountering and solving problems. And instead of saying “we’ve done this before,” we say “we know what needs to be done and we’ll do it the right way.” Also, our experience spans diverse business domains which has instilled in our personnel a broad outlook and the ability to think laterally.


You’ve already seen that our Expertise is aware, our Experience does not assume and our Trustworthiness is demonstrated. These are the result of an evolved thought process. We further extend our belief in “measured evolution” by staying abreast of developments – be it is the smallest technological advancement or the latest trend in the business domain. We then use this knowledge to fine-tune the solution. Again, the focus is not on making sweeping changes. Rather, it’s on adapting in a smart and informed manner. That’s how successful species do it.


We understand that the projects we execute for our clients have high stakes. Most often, the success of the project determines the future of the client. That’s why we invest time in understanding the client’s mindset and tailoring our solution accordingly. We don’t just ask for trust. We demonstrate that we are trustworthy. This also leads to stronger communication and a clearer definition of the objectives of the project, thus resulting in the dream solution.

Overall, our model of engagement runs on the theme of evolution. After all, vVolve stands for

“We evolve”.

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