We Leverage our strong analytics capabilities and deep industry expertise to help Organizations derive actionable and reliable business insights from their data. We Empower clients to maximise the potential of their data and thereby gain a competitive edge.

We help client embark on a journey from data Innocence to Information Insight with our comprehensive solutions in Advanced analytics & End to End Data management solutions. vVolve helps organizations move up the business intelligence maturity curve with our strong business centric approach. We enable organizations to be self-sufficient & agile in their strategic & Tactical decision making by building a comprehensive system covering Reporting, Analysing, Monitoring & Prediction. Our unique approach to lead you on business intelligence maturity helps build a compelling solution to make your organization future ready.

Do you Face the below Challenges?

Few of the challenges faced by today’s organizations in information management arena are :-

  • Access to key business information for decision making is time consuming
  • Inconsistent Business definitions leading to multiple versions of the same information
  • Absence of a common enterprise reporting platform
  • Multiple systems covering different business functions make cross functional analyses difficult
  • Large data volumes leading to complex sleuths of reporting
  • Huge manual effort in integration and consolidation of data from various legacy systems
  • Data quality issues leads to reliability issues
  • Over reliance on Ad-hoc reporting

We can Help

vVolve has a dedicated analytics practice with centre of excellence focussing on enterprise data management, Business Intelligence Solutions, Cloud analytics, big data and predictive analytics.

Our Analytics solution will help customers to identify new opportunities, increase revenue, reduce cost and increase productivity by providing consistent and reliable business intelligence platform.

We help you process, analyse and mine massive amount of data with the best in class technology and industry expertise. Our solutions help with: -

  • Providing fast answers to critical business questions
  • Empowering business with relevant and actionable data at the right time
  • Reducing effort spent on data collection and manipulation
  • Increasing reliability in reported data
  • Improving security and Data Consistency

The vVolve Advantage

  • Rich Expertise
  • Smart Reporting Framework
  • Focus on business value
  • Independent Quality Review
  • Scalable & Agile
  • Global Experience
  • Exceptional Technical Capability

Key Highlights

Comprehensive business focussed analytics

Simple, innovative and scalable

Rapid Deployment

BI Roadmap and KPI Framework

Analytics for all – strategic, tactical and operational BI

Industry best practice

Our Capabilities

Consulting services

  • BI environment assessment
  • Enterprise BI strategy and roadmap
  • BI Reporting framework
  • BI Tool/Technology evaluation
  • BI System review
  • Project/Program Management

Solution Implementation

  • Implementation of advanced analytics solutions which includes predictive analytics, social media analytics and text analytics
  • Define and implement dashboards, reports and self-service analytical solutions
  • Define extraction, transformation and loading
  • Building data warehouse and data marts
  • End to end BI solution deployment

Enhancement and Support

  • Our support specialist can help you in managing your existing BI landscape
  • Support your adhoc enhancement requirements
  • BI performance improvement and periodic maintenance

Upgrade and Migration

  • Upgrade your existing BI systems to the latest version
  • Migration of existing reports and dashboards from various BI platforms


  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Business Ojects Explorer
  • SAP Business Objects Design Studio
  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards
  • SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis for OLAP

Advanced Analytics

  • SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics

Cloud Analytics

  • SAP Business Objects Cloud
  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP Business Warehouse on HANA
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward


Business Intelligence Solution At Leading Airport


A Leading airport serving over 100 airlines & 50 Million+ Passengers was looking to setup an enterprise wide BI system. The lack of a common platform delayed key reports & impacted decision making.


We setup an enterprise analytics system capturing data from multiple sources and developed customized dashboards to act as decision supporting system for the Top management.


  • >90% time saving - instant report availability
  • Integration of ERP data with excel from multiple sources
  • Self-service BI capabilities due to consolidated platform and quality data
  • No manual intervention
  • Quick availability of airline wise profitability helps customise promotions and incentives

BI Strategy & Roadmap For Leading Telecom Provider


A Leading Telecom provider with a combined Mobile subscriber needed a BI strategy to handle the ever growing data volumes alongside multiple Legacy systems.


We conducted A detailed as is study to develop a good Enterprise reporting strategy to align the system with business requirement & future scalability. In addition, we created BI governance and data governance model to guide the BI solution deployments. We setup an enterprise wide reporting system helping Integrate the historical data from various legacy systems with the current Transaction system.


  • Long term Strategic roadmap in place
  • >70% time saving - instant report availability
  • Single common platform for all BI needs
  • Targeted BI for various groups for their strategic, tactical and operational needs
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Reduced data duplication and information silos

Analytics Strategy And Solution Implementation For Leading Dairy Co-operative


A multinational dairy co-operative owned by more than 10,000 farmers & responsible for approximately 30% of the world's dairy exports needed to integrate its sales channels to effectively optimize & monitor growth across multiple channels


We Built a high level IT strategy & System architecture for integrating all the secondary sales / tertiary sales / other third party systems into one single platform. We also Setup an analytics platform for primary, secondary sales & CRM across 8+ countries. We also helped Integrate the historical data from various legacy systems with the current Transaction system.


  • >80% time saving - instant report availability
  • Single unified platform for all the BI needs
  • No manual intervention
  • 60-70% improvement in performance of key reports tested against the existing RDMBS
  • High user adoption

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